The best way to address the challenges of urbanization is to put people at the heart of the renewal process.

How can officials, business people and citizens work together to improve cities? The answer is... 3DEXPERIENCity®.

3DEXPERIENCity is a 3D collaborative environment where data from sensors and city systems is federated into a virtual referential that benefits everyone.

  • Officials - 3DEXPERIENCity offers advanced modeling technology to simulate ‘what if’ scenarios to test concepts and develop optimal solutions in city domains ranging from mobility and health to utilities and planning.
  • Business - 3DEXPERIENCity acts as virtual marketplace where people can offer goods and services.
  • Citizens - 3DEXPERIENCity is a community space that serves as a collaborative hub, conversation forum and information portal.

3DEXPERIENCity® is powered by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, the business experience platform that world-leading companies in every industry use to create winning customer experiences.


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3DEXPERIENCity® is a 3D collaborative environment that federates all city data from sensors and systems. Officials use it as a ‘cockpit’ to analyze and manage city services and resources, as well as to virtually simulate ‘what if’ scenarios to optimize domains such as infrastructure, logistics and security.”

Monica Menghini

Executive Vice President,

Chief Strategy Officer

Dassault Systèmes

Discover Singapore’s cutting-edge Virtual Singapore Initiative
powered by 3DEXPERIENCity®

city domains

Discover how 3DEXPERIENCity brings value
to all the domains of a city.

  • mobility
  • utilities
  • Health & Social Services
  • security & public safety
  • environment & planning
  • facilities & management
  • education & culture
  • economy
  • e-government


City Mobility Quality Managers, Transport Operators, Citizens

In response to rapid urbanization, increased environmental consciousness, technological advancements of mobility devices and the desire for enhanced traveler experiences, cities are redefining their mobility policies, while at the same time the mobility industry is launching new business models that view vehicles as an interface with marketplaces. However, in the midst of this growth, many challenges remain to be addressed. Much existing infrastructure has reached its maximum capacity (while also nearing the end of its planned lifespan), and fossil-fuel-dependent legacy mobility technologies tend to produce unacceptable amounts of pollution. Solutions to address these challenges will require a holistic platform that can foster and support innovation by enabling collaboration between cities, businesses and residents.

3DEXPERIENCity® helps cities optimize sustainable multimodal mobility operations and services, and enables:

  • Enhanced commuter experiences
  • Reduced travel time and cost
  • Integrated planning and operations
  • New business models and opportunities


City Mayors, City Departments, Utility Network Providers; District Heating/Cooling and Waste Companies; Water, Power and Telco Networks

With rising populations placing ever greater demands on already scarce natural resources, it is more crucial than ever to plan cities effectively for efficient delivery of utilities based on existing fossil fuel technologies, and to best prioritize the shift to more sustainable resources. Utility providers are working intensively on programs to reduce loss and waste in the delivery phase and to manage demand in the consumption phase. However, the success of these efforts hinges on the modernization of existing utility infrastructure and the development of innovative monitoring and optimization technologies. New modeling, visualization, simulation and planning technologies are necessary to enable cities and utility providers to monitor utility networks in real time, predict and address potential failures before they occu, and to ensure that regulations and conservation benchmarks are met and city, business and resident expectations are satisfied.

3DEXPERIENCity helps utility providers deliver accountable, reliable and predictable performance, and enables:

  • Efficient and effective lifecycle management in the Design-Build and Build-Run phases
  • Real-time visibility into utility systems to catch trouble before it starts
  • Safe, efficient and reliable utility delivery that complies with regulations at all levels
  • New business models to enhance utility experience and maximize the use of sustainable methods and resources

Health & Social Services

City Mayors, Health Departments, Health Agencies, Physicians, Medical Analysts, Epidemiologists, Citizens

The density of the urban environment fosters innovation by bringing together professionals from a range of fields to collaborate on finding solutions to contemporary challenges. This, in turn, draws more people to live and work in cities, where they can access a wider range of health and social programs, making the city ‘ground zero’ for both the detection of new health crises and the development of new programs for healthy living. Wearable sensors and portable devices, combined with analytics hosted on a robust data platform, can enable cities, businesses and residents to capitalize on the productive density of the urban environment and bring together all the resources best suited to healthy living, customized for individuals and their particular environments.

3DEXPERIENCity helps cities analyze, predict and prevent health risks, and enables:

  • A comprehensive reference for health and wellness offers in the city context
  • Patient-centered solutions that focus on healthy living and preventative care
  • Increased responsiveness and effectiveness of emergency services
  • Lower cost of health care and social services through efficient delivery, but also by enabling residents to create healthier lifestyles

Security & Public Safety

City Authorities, Public/Critical Infrastructures, Utility Operators, Security Agencies, Intelligence & Information Services, Emergency Services, Businesses, Citizens

As cities play an increasingly prominent role on the stage of world affairs, drawing new residents and visitors from across the globe, city managers face growing pressure to comprehensively plan for the potentially negative consequences of global interconnectedness for city businesses and residents. In addition to anticipating and preventing external threats, city managers must also provide for internal order and stability, ensure the safety of businesses and residents, and prepare for the eventuality of emergency situations. Digital technologies enable city administrations to redefine how they can proactively protect business and resident security and safety, as well as accelerate detection of and response to emergent incidents. Successfully addressing the full range of security and safety challenges that face contemporary cities requires a shared referential to facilitate inter-agency collaboration, enable close coordination to provide rapid incident responsiveness and to encourage citizens to see themselves and act as partners in ensuring safety and security in the urban environment.

3DEXPERIENCity helps cities provide security and safety awareness for improved planning, operation, and response, and enables:

  • Rapid common situational awareness without a large IT migration
  • Cross-service collaboration capabilities
  • Real-time decision support across multiple data sources
  • Robust planning and preparation for seamless emergency response
  • Locating, identifying, qualifying and monitoring active threats
  • Increased safety and security in both physical and virtual settings

Environment & Planning

City Councils, Regional and Urban Planning Departments, Urban Planners, Regulatory Agencies, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors

As cities face the demands of rapid urbanization, they need to plan carefully to provide for growth which is smart and sustainable, and takes a holistic approach to the design of the urban environment. The exponential complexity of the contemporary city exceeds the capacity of traditional modeling and visualization methods and requires more sophisticated technologies that can enable professionals to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries and diverse data sets. A data-driven virtual universe created from a base of existing city morphology, updated in real time to reflect and incorporate the constantly evolving urban environment, can provide a solid foundation for coherent urban planning and management and provide a better means for visualizing and testing the repercussions of future planning choices.

3DEXPERIENCity® helps cities plan for growth by providing a holistic tool for effective design and management of the city realm, and enables:

  • A holistic approach to ensure regulatory compliance, maximum sustainability and resilience
  • A collaborative environment and single data referential for a coherent approach to planning for business and design
  • Analytic and simulation environments to study if/when scenarios
  • A communication tool to inform businesses and residents about city planning and engage all stakeholders in the future development of the city

Facilities & Management

Building Inspectors, Regulatory Agencies, Building Owners/Operators, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Managers, Architects, Analytic/Engineering Service Providers

The continuous growth of the world population is paralleled by an increased demand for resources, making more strategic planning and management of cities and facilities critically necessary. Rising population growth in the urban environment requires new construction; however, since construction-related processes consume more than a third of the world’s resources and are responsible for 60% of global CO2 emissions, it is crucial that the CO2 footprint of our buildings and cities be reduced significantly, shifting to a ‘cradle to grave’ model for the lifecycle management of resources. Buildings and cities are comprised of complex networks of systems that require a different type of thinking, one which takes into account and comprehensively manages the complexities in a holistic manner to improve natural resource efficiency, lower operating costs and bridge the disconnect between designer, builder and manager/operator.

Full scale, rich data referentials of existing facilities powered by computation and data analytics – virtual equivalents – enable city managers to envision, analyze, simulate, realize and manage cities and facilities simultaneously in both the virtual and the real dimensions, allowing for every aspect of a given environment to be examined and evaluated.

3DEXPERIENCity® helps cities by offering a holistic tool for effective design and management of facilities, and enables:

  • Efficient and sustainable natural resource usage
  • New business and revenue opportunities
  • Enhanced experiences and improved quality of work-life balance
  • Greater safety and resiliency as well as more reliable planning and design of the urban realm

Education & Culture

City Mayors, Departments of Education, Cultural Institutions, Online Universities, Education Providers, Cultural Event Planners

Cities are magnets for innovation and experience, drawing together communities of active, engaged individuals eager to learn, create new knowledge and share that knowledge with others. Where learning was once relegated to the static environment of the classroom, now education pervades all aspects of the city, making the city itself a broad space of learning. Additionally, education, once limited to a preparatory phase early in life, is now spread across people’s entire lives, with educational opportunities offered as entertainment, as opportunities for personal growth, as means and support for ongoing employment and as the foundation of community. A unified platform for bringing together traditional and innovative educational and cultural experiences enables businesses to access a well-trained and motivated workforce, facilitates greater interpersonal connection between residents and encourages personal development as well as the establishment of new cultural economies and experiences.

3DEXPERIENCity® helps cities deliver engaging and personalized educational and cultural experiences, and enables:

  • Enhanced quality of life for residents and visitors alike
  • Increased educational and cultural experiences and employment opportunities
  • Integrated platform for content development and delivery
  • An innovative environment for residents, business and cities themselves to transform and compete


City Mayors, City Departments, Businesses, Citizens

With the growth of the digital economy, cities need to pay greater attention to the effects of rapid urbanization, and the shift to new retail strategies related to the rise of the experience economy (IoT/IoE), which includes a rise in sharing assets enabled by apps and online marketplaces instead of individual ownership. These new modes of consumer activity have the potential to dramatically alter the urban experience and produce enormous disruption in urban economies. To effectively mobilize these new economic strategies, cities will need robust technologies that enable planners and businesses to understand and predict consumer behavior, enabling a wide range of innovative products and services crafted to suit the urban consumer, while at the same time safeguarding both individual privacy and public safety.

3DEXPERIENCity® helps cities personalize services and experiences, and enables:

  • Enhanced economic opportunities and experiences for cities, businesses and residents
  • An integrated platform for analyzing business opportunities and planning, simulating and optimizing business operations
  • A one-stop-shop marketplace for services and experiences customized to the urban context
  • An innovative environment to enable urban businesses and cities themselves to transform and compete on a global scale


City Councils, Information and Communication Technology Organizations, Businesses, Citizens

As cities grow physically and in population, this growth brings with it increased complexity as individuals and communities seek a forum for more participation in city affairs and demand greater responsiveness on the part of city administrations. Traditional methods of communication and interaction with residents cannot meet current demands, while rising generations of digital natives expect ever more participation in shaping the nature and future of the urban environment. To manage business and resident expectations, cities must embrace digital technologies to collect and manage available city data in order to improve decision making and service provision.

3DEXPERIENCity® helps cities deliver a unified management tool to facilitate efficient city operations, and enables:

  • Improved business and resident participation and experiences
  • Increased transparency, reliability, scalability and sustainability of services
  • Omni-channel access (mobile and social support) to city programs, services and data
  • A single data referential to ensure efficient and effective collaboration among all city stakeholders

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